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    just help me to hackintoshhhhhhh
  1. i can't boot

    i tried this in last hours, but nothing. i tried to boot on an acer aspire (specs are almost the same) and it boots (stuck on logo but boot), i guess that problem is mine laptop?
  2. i can't boot

    hey guys, at first sorry for my english, i "tried" (idk if is considered a try) to install niresh's yosemite on my samsung laptop with but i can't boot, even in windows via transmac and win32diskimager to vmware mac with that installer, someone can help? i really don't get much information about hacks and all, so my head is in alarm call and i don't know how to sleep without tried. idk if it's help but i tried others distros and retails from SL, ML and MV and nothing happens. i guess that i should show pc's hardware so: mobo: samsung rv420-cd2br proc: intel core i3-2310m 2.1ghz ram: 4GB 667mhz + 2GB 667mhz graphics: sadly intel graphics xxxx 3k i guess