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  1. Hello everyone, years ago, I bought a Hackintosh which was running very smooth on Lion. Because of some software updates, I had to update my system to Yosemite. Because there seems to be no way of getting the official Yosemite installer anymore, I decided to install Yosemite Zone. Everything worked perfect, I run MultiBeast after installation. No here comes my Problem: The Hackintosh won't boot at the first attempt. After showing the Apple Logo load screen for a few seconds (loads until around 1/3), the display goes into sleep and won't wake up. After pressing "reset", the window says "Waiting for ME ready...", then shuts down and restarts. Usually at the third time the Hackintosh goes past the Apple logo and shows another load screen, then boots. Sometimes it then freezes on the second load screen or the log-in screen. If it boots, everything is working perfectly fine! These are my specs (as far as I could figger out): Gigabyte GA-Z68XP-UD3 GeForce 8600GT Intel Core i7 3,49 GHz 16 GB Ram Does anyone have any idea what I could do? Thank you so much! Sylvan