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  1. [Guide] For Enabling Vga And Hdmi In Intel Hd4000 Gpu

    u could try either making a custom DSDT or you could try pre-edited intelhd4000graphics.kext and let me guess the screen is scrambled? and flickers almost every other frame change? my guess is IntelAppleCapriFB.kext decides the port for VGA/HDMI/LVDS and IntelHD4000Graphics.kext is the cause of the scrambled screen so something within IntelHD4000Graphics.kexts isn't loading right boot with -v and watch for any "failed to load kext" messages
  2. [Guide] For Enabling Vga And Hdmi In Intel Hd4000 Gpu

    take away the custom edid and try all the other ig platform ids try 0166000a on mine my internal display is detected but just fades in and out with white