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    Need assistance getting my SSD or HDD to show up. I can get to the actual install page but my drives are not seen by diskutil or terminal just my usb?
  1. SSD Nor HDD seen by Diskutil or Terminal

    Just to Add I used My windows machine with TransMac to wipe and build the install (including USB). I only used the clover installer I forgot that it could switch to chameleon.
  2. Hi Guys, going from Mavericks 10.9.5 to High Sierra. I completely wiped the SSD to start fresh everything goes well until I get to the screen to choose a drive to install. Neither my SSD or HDD shows in the list and both are working drives That I confirmed by re-installing Maverick on. Can anyone assist with what I need to do to get the drives to show up. Again diskutil nor terminal can find the drives but they are there in the bios. Note the drives were swapped to see if either would work. they were not in the machine at the same time. Specs below Hp Envy DV7 Intel i7-3630QM Intel HD-4000 500gb SSD or 500gb HDD 16g Memory 2-8gb sticks