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  1. Atlast found the problem. The problem is in the /Extra/SSDT.aml and i enabled the FixLAN in the clover configurator. Step 1: Delete the .aml file in the extra folder. Step 2: Uncheck the FixLAN in the Clover Configurator Under ACPI Section.
  2. I can't able to understand what are you trying to say. Whether you solved the issue or its still persist.
  3. I am keep on getting the verification error when trying to login to appstoe. I am using clover Bootloader. I also attach the ioreg file. I also tried the null ethernet and the efi studio.
  4. @ Its works perfectly. The problem is I missed the DNS server address. now everything is working cool. Thanks for your support.
  5. @ BUt for me the kext is working and it shows the Ethernet Card details in the system info. It not connected to the internet but connecting to my modem
  6. Dear All, Network status is showing red in Internet and server. I am using RTL8139Ethernet.Kext. Please find the attachment of the kext used. Please help.