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  1. Good evening everyone! I have a problem in version 10.8.5 for AMD. I installed the Mavericks on my PC and everything worked perfect, but I only have 4GB of RAM and got a little heavy so I decided to switch to version 10.8.5. my problem is related to the kernel, the current installation "amd64" is not compatible with my video card EVGA Geforce GT 440 already another kernel "amd" is compatible but have SSL errors in google chrome, outlook, Battle net and others. I've tested 3 Kernel'seo same error appears, or incompatibility with the video card or SSL errors. My question is, is how to fix this error? or is there any kernel compatible with my setup? Thank you. Asus M4A78 Phenom X4 4 GB of RAM EVGA Ge Force GT 440 1024/128 bit
  2. Mavericks 10.9.2 or ++

    Good evening everyone! Niresh, it would be possible to provide a distro mavericks with the update 10.9.2 or 10.9.3 AMD and Intel? Even following the step by step here to update the mac with AMD gives much trouble and often not around to boot. It would be of great help. Thank you.
  3. Keyboard Steelseries Merc

  4. Keyboard Steelseries Merc

    Good evening everyone, sorry if this is not the correct area for my doubts! I wonder if anyone uses this keyboard in mavericks, because it recognizes the brand, but the special keys do not work and only has drivers for windows! The special keys that I mention, this would be the image. Any suggestions?
  5. Successfully installed AMD Phenom X4

    Good morning guys! I want to provide feedback regarding my newest installation! No problem niresh the Mavericks was installed on my computer and I made the final adjustments to the kexts and other programs! Everything is working perfectly, including'm playing Blizzard games without any problem. Below is my specs: Processor: AMD Phenom X4 2.5gh Mobo: Asus M478 Grafico: Gforce 9600GT 256/256 HDD: Seagate Barracuda 2T Audio: sound blaster Audigy 2 Any questions for the procedure, maybe I can try to help. Thank you all, sorry if this is the wrong area to post! Thanks Niresh! PS: Sorry for the bad english!