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  1. Hi, im new to Niresh and hackintosh, so be patient with me I have this setup: CPU: Pentium G2030 (I don't know wich hd graphics i have) MotherBoard: MSI B75MA-E31 2GB DD3 1333 250GB Notebook Hard disk This machine is not dual-booted, i tought it specifically to make it a mac. I install Niresh Maverick with no problem. The thing is the video. This motherboard has a HDMI out wich i plug it to my monitor. After installing Niresh Mav. The OS start booting but when it has to change the video mode (or use the gpu drivers?) the screen is scratched. Im sharing only 32MB of VRAM. The mac boots well when i boot it in safe mode, "-x". What could it be? A Bios setting? Need a kext? a Patch? Help!!