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  1. How Enable My 4000 Hd and i Have Another Problem !!! Icant Boot On Normal Mode . But I Can booting On Safe Mode
  2. im installed Chimera V2.2.1- r2248 boot loader -Than this What I''m Do?
  3. Yes Im Working On my Laptop MSI CX61-0NF Detail of My Laptop: CPU : Intel Core i7 3630QM VGA : Nvidia Geforce GT 645M RAM :6GB DDR3 Help Me To Complet My Installing Please ????
  4. Done Now Im Using 10.9 But I dont Have Graphics Card On System info ??? What Can I Do now ????
  5. When im,Booting hackintosh .Show Me Dark Screen I try With GraphicsEnabler=No or -x ,-v , & busratio=18 But Not Workong?? What Im Do?
  6. Hi Guys I'm Installing Maverick 10.9 On My MSi CX-61 0NF And Need Graphics Enabler For My Nvidia GeForce GT 645M CPU:3630QM Core i7 Please Help Me