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  1. Clevo W350stq - can't boot after install

    If you find the solution for the HDMI, please tell me ASAP. The other problem i have identified, is the CPU speed: the CPU is always at turbo boost frequency. I have verified this with the intel utility. This happens to you too? My CPU is an intel i7-4700MQ.
  2. Clevo W350stq - can't boot after install

    Hi fleu, To put my HD 4600 to work with QE/CI and with 1024 MB memory, i have installed 2 kexts: AppleIntelHD5000.kext (i sugest to you to install the other 2 bundles you will find available in your system for the HD5000) and also AppleIntelFramebufferAzul.kext. Also you must put, in the chameleon plist, GraphicsEnabler=Yes, IntelAzulFB=11, SkipNvidia. Use chameleon wizard to edit your .plist with these flags. With this kexts loaded the HD 4600 is fully recognized. My only problem is the HDMI output wich doen't work with these kexts loaded (but works in safe boot mode, -x flag). If you find a solution for my HDMI problem, please tell me. The ethernet is working with the Realtek 81xx included in niresh.
  3. Clevo W350stq - can't boot after install

    I've made a sucessfully instalation of Mavericks on my Clevo W350STQ (finally!!). But it isn't a 100% working install... Just some specs of the computer: i7-4700MQ, HM87, nVidia GTX 765m, 8GB DDR3, SATA 1TB 1- Graphics Problems This computer has Intel HD4600 + nVidia GTX765m. First I have instaled without any graphics kext, because is the only way to get it to work. Without any kext loaded, the computer only detects 64Mb shared graphics memory, but HDMI video output works. Then I try to install AppleIntelHD5000.kext and AppleIntelAzulFB.kext, and the graphics become fully recognized (1024MB of memory, and QE/CI enabled). The problem is that with this kexts I have lost the HDMI video output. Could anyone explaine to me how can I put HDMI back to work? This is very important for me!!! BTW, it is possible to put the nVidia GPU working, insted of the intel one? (i know optimus is not supported) 2- CPU power managment When I boot in verbose mode I get this message: getCPUIDinfo: this is an unknown CPU model 0x3a -- Power management may be incomplete or unsupported. How can I resolve this problem? How can I see if the CPU is making the stepping properly? Now, the perfectly working stuff: sound, webcam, suspend, restart, built-in ethernet, trackpad, usb.
  4. Today, after several tries, i was able to install Mavericks using Niresh release. The only boot flags needed to start the installer have been xpcm-free, to prevent the reboot problem, and -v. But i can't enter the OSX. I have tried all flags and combinations i know: GraphicsEnabler=No/Yes, IGPEnabler=Yes/No, ncpi=0x2000, darkwake=0, dart=0, IntelAzulFB=11, cpus=1, and the common -v -f -x. The boot always get stucked arround Stuck at "[iOBluetoothHCIController]...connected to the transport sucessfully". Could you please give me some advices? My Bios don't have the option to disable GPU or iGPU, nor the option to disable VT-d, which I think may be getting me in troubles...