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  1. Clover Bootloader Flags

    you are right, and for now i will keep using clover, but i need to modify the boot args npci=0x2000 and others permanently. thank you.
  2. iMessage and Facetime error

    just installed Yosemite, app store and game center are working perfectly, but i can't activate iMessage and FaceTime. Any idea why? Thanks in advance.
  3. Clover Bootloader Flags

    Hello, i recently installed Yosemite and selected Clover 64 as my boot loader, all my hardware is working but every time when i restart my computer i need to add the GraphicsEnabler=Yes Boot flag manually, i just want to know, How can i add boot flags permanently? I appreciate all your help. and sorry for my bad english. Thanks.
  4. Boot0af error

    But my niresh install is my only hdd, the one I can't boot
  5. Boot0af error

    I used the niresh distro to install Mavericks in my PC, and everything worked flawlesly for a month, now my hackintosh suddenly started to show the: Boot0af error I need a solution, please help. Is it possible to reinstall only the boot loader from the niresh install USB? Is there another way to reinstall the boot loader? I'll appreciate your help. And sorry for my English it isn't my native language.
  6. Gts 450

    I managed to install and get to the desktop, it recognizes the card but doesn't let me change resolution, and i don't have QE/CI. Please someone tell me how to get this card to work, also if you can share the kext you are using. thanks
  7. Gts 450

    How do you got the card working? For me it's a black screen,
  8. Gts 450

    Thanks for your answer, can you tell me which options did you use?,
  9. Gts 450

    Hi i'm new in the forum, but i've used Hackintosh since leopard, actually I'm running Mountain Lion (thanks to Niresh), with a nvidia GTS 450: GeForce GTS 450: Modelo de chipset: GeForce GTS 450 Tipo: GPU Bus: PCIe Ranura: Slot-1 Anchura de canal PCIe: x16 VRAM (total): 1024 MB Fabricante: NVIDIA (0x10de) ID del dispositivo: 0x1245 ID de la revisión: 0x00a1 Revisión de la ROM: But now i want to install Mavericks, does anyone have tried this graphic card?, in Mountain Lion worked OOB with some minor tweaks. I'll appreciate any comment, and sorry about my english, it isn't my native language