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  1. dell n5050

    i posted a screen shot of system info but from what ive pulled up its an intel b960 with 3 gigs of ram, an ar9285 wifi card and intel HD intergrated graphics (im guessing 2000 series). i have everything working other than the graphics....installed few different intelhd2000 kexts and they have all caused the system to fully boot but no display i can backup the kexts and get it booting normal again but no acceleration or changeable resolution
  2. dell n5050

    still no luck, seems this is the only thing i havent been able to get working......im out of ideas
  3. dell n5050

    ok so i finally have this running ok with osx after finally finding a compatible wifi card lol....my issue is i cant find the correct graphic kext at all. i have tried a few intel hd 2000 ones and all caused it to fail to boot with graphics but sound and system was running and 1 or 2 3000 ones did nothing heres a screenshot if anyone can help.....also any tutorial for the itel speedstepping thing if i even need it? http://i1178.photobucket.com/albums/x363/icedavejr/ScreenShot2014-04-09at92127PM_zps34cfb3d6.png
  4. dell n5050

    i was eventually able to get it to boot with this. so now i gotta figure out all of this kext/multibeast stuff lol deff my first time getting osx booting on a pc so i have alot of reading to do to get it going....im searching now to see if there is already a dsdt out there for this thing
  5. dell n5050

    just installed maverics this time and still the same issue, system boots up fine and i can hear the song play and the apple speech to text thing and can even navigate those pages with the arrow keys but the display never shows anything, is this a boot flag im missing or will this just not work?
  6. dell n5050

    no change so far http://s1178.photobucket.com/user/icedavejr/media/dell_zpsaf3d0cb0.jpg.html
  7. dell n5050

    no change so far
  8. dell n5050

    from what i can remember from booting a live cd awhile back its an intel b960 3 gigs of ram, i know its just intel onboard hd graphic (was given to me awhile back with no hdd and never installed anything until now) if theres ony other way to pull the specs without having windows or anything lol let me know trying those flags now but even with the system still sitting at that screen the hdd light is showing alot of activity
  9. dell n5050

    ok i finally caved and decided to ask for help, i have fully installed niresh 10.8.5 with no issue on this dell, but boot with no flags freezes after about 7 minutes of loading with constant hdd activity then it all just stops....-v -f GrapgicsEnabler=No PCIRootUID=0 loads basically fully.....screen stops at [iobluetoothhcicontroller][start] -- completed.....then the screen stays there but i can hear the mac osx voice over guy talking in the background then a song starts playing lol and i can follow the guys commands. the system seems to load but the screen doesnt change