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  1. that weird installation makes me weird too

    any help, please?
  2. that weird installation makes me weird too

    I have that option enabled
  3. yo, my pc parameters are: i5 650, GTX 460, 4GB ram i have difficulties with installation here are some pics that i made and don't know what now: on 1st pic i just press Enter and my pc just restarts. here i tried with -v help me pls
  4. I downloaded from Downloads section 10.8.5 and also 10.8.2 because both of them has the same crazy thing when booting as you can see on photo: I did like on tutorials: https://www.hackintosh.zone/forums/topic/224-guidecreate-usb-installer-from-windows-guide-amd-and-intel/ or and i don't have screen like https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-2wMsaoa4niE/UWy4eJAjNSI/AAAAAAAAEc8/bDV7tPiuH6I/s640/Region+capture+1.png but it's like on my photo. Please help. My computer is: i5 CPU 650 3,20GHz @ 3,60, GTX460, 4gb ram