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  1. is it work on a toshiba satellite l850-12t laptop?
  2. help me for install the mavericks on laptop

    i got the same mesage. what i did, is only shutting down my computer, and boot the installed mavericks partition with -x -v flags, and it's work for me
  3. First boot stuck at apple logo

    try only -v -x. It works for me
  4. What is the login username and password

    I found it! Username root and the password is niresh. sorry guys
  5. Hy! I installed Niresh OS x Mavericks 10.9.0, but i had a problem with the start. when i boot the mavericks, it stuck on the apple logo and this circle go to infinity and beyond, but i solved it. when the os x boot, he want to get the login username and password, but i don't give it in the install screen, because i don't have the install screen. How can I solve this? Thanks for the help
  6. Clevo W350stq - can't boot after install

    Me too. I succesfully installed Mavericks, and when i want to boot mavericks, the apple logo come to the screen and the circle loading screen. And this is where my computer stuck. The circe is ringing and don't boot. My Config is: LapTop name: Toshiba Satelite l850-12t CPU: intel Core i5-2450M CPU @ 2.50 GHZ 2.49 GHz RAM: 6 Gb of DDR3 VGA: Intel HD 3000
  7. apple logo stuck in loading :(

    I have this screen too, but i use an intel i5 CPU. I installed it correctly, whaty U said in the video, but i ise a toshiba satellite l850-12t LapTop. My Config is: Intel HD 3000 Graphic card 6 Gb DDR3 RAM Realtek ALC 892 or something