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  1. Hello, I have finally got Mavericks installed on my PC. I love the OS quite a bit so far. The only thing not working is the audio. I use my Geforce GTX 780TI for both video and audio out of my monitor. It is not working at all. I have tried a couple of guides but have had no success. I hope someone can help me out. Thanks, Dustin
  2. Hello, I am new to the whole Hackintosh thing, love it so far.. only thing is my Rosewill keyboard doesn't work correctly.. It actually works in the bootloader but within Mavericks I go to type but the letters that come up (thinks I am typing) aren't the ones I am hitting on the actual keyboard. I saw this problem in other OSes before such as a couple linux distros back in the day and it always was a driver issue. So anything have any advice for me? Thanks, Dustin
  3. I followed and tweeted download is still locked from me what is going on?