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  1. Howdy I installed mavericks on my laptop. But i have mini problem, which i hope are solvable. The first problem is my PC doesnt recognize the Battery. I have a X. I cannot get a backlight slider. If i put the code in the dsdt i get a error. Last but not least the laptop cannot sleep. This is my dsdt, which is edited by another person. I hope you can help me
  2. Clevo P15sm boot problem

    No.I solved the problem with a new installation Can someone make for me a DSDT and SSDT fileß
  3. Clevo P15sm boot problem

    and now i got this
  4. Clevo P15sm boot problem

    i succesfully disabled the dGpu in the Bios settings. But i get now this error
  5. Clevo P15sm boot problem

    Is there a method to disable the Nvidia Graphic by dsdt patching for Notebooks. Because I found the Problem. AppleIntelHD5000 kext is causing DSMOS has arrived error. So i must it backup this kext. But without this kext i will not get Hardware acceleration. I cant disable the card in the BIOS. Or are any other solutions out there?
  6. Clevo P15sm boot problem

    My Hardware is : Nexoc G513: Intel Core I7 4700MQ, NVIDIA GTX 780m, 16GB Ram,128gb MKNSSDAT120GB, WDC WD7500BPKT-80PK3T0, Intel Centrino Ultimate-N 6300, Realtek ALC892, Windows 8.1, Mac OSX Mavericks I am not able to activate IntelHD4600. I must delete the IntelHD5000 kext. If not i get the error missing bluetooth controller transport. Is there a solution.
  7. Clevo P15sm boot problem

    I found a solution on the internet. But now i got boot0 error.
  8. Clevo P15sm boot problem

    How do i do this
  9. Clevo P15sm boot problem

    I succesfully install Mavericks on my system but i get error when i try to boot.I searched but i dont find a solution yet. I uploaded a pic. I hope someone can help