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  1. oke I will try but I just realize That my hdmi port is not working how can I solve it??? thank to your information
  2. how can I solve that
  3. but now my problem is the mountain lion won't boot from HDD it only boot from CD
  4. it work like you Say no glince or lag the menu bar also semi transparent
  5. what is qe/ci ??? sorry to ask a lot of question
  6. thanks for your answer my problem is decreasing now the problem is only my Intel HD 3000 it only detect 288 mb can I make it detect more mb???
  7. yes my intel hd is 1069 mb my laptop and trackpad keyboard stuck when enter the Mac start up it can still be use at bios and everything and come another problem my speaker is dead
  8. help me I install ML on my laptop (acer 4752) i3 Intel HD 3000 1069 mb the problem is my keyboard and trackpad not working also the vga only detect 64 mb please help meeeee