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  1. I'm actually getting a little bit confused whether I'd install a Maverick with .DMG or with .ISO. Since, I got an ML.ISO of niresh (maverick too), I installed it on my computer on VMware (I haven't tried installing it directly though). I saw a lot of tutorials online, most of the tutorials are with .dmg installation file, they installed the Niresh's OS using USB pendrive which is 8GB or more. I'm little bit not comfortable with the .DMG since you've do some USB booting, I always use bootable DVD. Can you guys give me a tutorial guide on how to install Niresh's OS X Mavericks.iso on a Gigabyte computer directly? Anyway, is it possible to install it on C: drive just like windows without formatting the whole drive? I use Gigabyte G41M-Combo with Intel Core 2 Duo which has 320GB of HDD and a 4GB RAM.