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  1. When I first thought of installing niresh I was thinking of running it in dual boot with windows. After trail and error I managed to install niresh but it somehow managed to delete my windows 8.1 . Now I am trying to install windows and my hard drive wont show up in my installation. I formated one of my two partitions to ntfs (with paragon ntfs) . I heard that it needs to be master boot record which it is , and it still wont show up. I tried with ipartition but i need a boot disk to edit the hard drive , which I cant do since my disk drive doesnt work , is there anyway to put it on a usb ? How can I make my hard disk show up in my installation ? I also tried in disk utility to delete the partition thinking that windows will see it as free space which I could format but it gets stuck on preparing to remove the partition
  2. Sound problem

    How do I find out which card I have ? I tired lowering input gain in voodoohda and it removed the static but still no sound .
  3. Sound problem

    I recently installed niresh 10.9 , had a lot of problems installing it. Anyways I managed to successfully install it , but now I cant fix the sound problem. I tired with multibeast , slytherin , the all in one Audio hd sound card. What can I do to fix this ?