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  1. No HPET's available

    Tried removing the null cpu power management. Still the same kernel panic after 2 minutes. Suggestions, anyone?
  2. No HPET's available

    Same problem on my end on Gateway p7905u FX. When I try PCIRootUID=1 -x, I simply get a blank screen (nothing displaying at all). When I first tried this, I got a loading bar of some kind, followed by the blank screen. In my BIOS, there is no option available to set HPETs to 64-bit or any HPET options at all In my case, I just installed default niresh to test it. My machine will boot fine using the USB bootloader, but after about 2 minutes I get the HPET error. In addition, I am unable to boot to safe mode using the -s flag. I am able to, of course, run Terminal from the installer, so I'll try removing the power management kext from that. Any assistance would be appreciated.

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