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  1. Hai..I have problem after update mavericks 10.9 to 10;9.1 found message boot "Operating System Not Found"what solution for this.problem? thankyou my lap Acer Apsire v5 v5 3317u:Intel core i5 1.6GhzRAM : 6GB DDR3nvidia Gefore GT-630M - 1GB HDD 500GB
  2. Customize Install Nirech Maverick

    Acer Apsire v5 v5 3317u: Intel core i5 1.6Ghz RAM : 6GB DDR3 nvidia Gefore GT-630M - 1GB HDD 500GB
  3. Hi guys... my laptop:Acer aspire v5 3317uRAM : 6GBWhat customize installer?before finish installer, i found error meesage Instal Failed or an error occurred instaling mavericks what for solution ? thanks