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  1. Hi again About the graphic issue you mean in the setup you haven't choose any kext for graphics and now you can boot using flags with external screen? cuz I've tried once to choose nvidia kext and it ended like this video and if I didn'r I'll get black screen also I did tried external Nvidia kext also didn't work get black screen again. About the partition, previously I did try it and macs runs fine but the windows didn't sadly my main system still windows while macs for me right now only for learning xcode and for update i guess it's too early for me to do some hard modifying as you did
  2. Hi Maniac, WOW and I thought I'm the one who has the biggest problem Actually I've never heard about about this app for kexts since I'm new here every one said buying external Wifi is the best solution :S And for external display I've never test it yet maybe I'll test it and see if it's works with me but i guess my problem is different a bit from you " You'll understand when you watch the video " but I've noticed another weird problem since you're using same of my device: I've installed the Mac as a second operating system while windows is the main, so I can't boot mac unless I boot from USB flash then choose Mac drive for now this ok but have you noticed your laptop wont boot from any external device if your battery lower than 90% ?? This is actually freak me out, my laptop keeps shutting down before booting then i noticed after plugging the power it's work but it's using only power not the battery so I have to unplug the whole battery of the laptop and replug it after that i can work on laptop battery Till now I didn't understand this a laptop bios behave or it's caused by mac :S
  3. Hi, sadly I didn't After this post I've tried to buy iAtkos M, and it was the worst thing ever did. It even didn't boot to the setup and tried to contact with the support after 10 days didn't get any respond from him This video shows the lagging in my laptop if the screen shows black I think Nvidia kext in the setup didn't work well you may download them After the admins didn't seems very helpful I started another discussion in another forum, I'm gonna post to you the best answer cuz I don't know if the rules will be ok to post a link to another forum a prominent Hackintosh dev, says his works OOB: http://www.insanelym...ards/?p=1797282 He also has a general guide on NVIDIA GPUs/kexts: http://www.insanelym...t-nvidia-kexts/ If your laptop has integrated Intel graphics, make sure it's disabled: http://www.hackintos...s-cant-run-osx/ and about your issue with Wifi, I've read about 90% wifi cards don't works with mavirecks so I bought the best recommended external Wifi USB and it's Asus N13 If you noticed it support Mac OSX to 10.6 or 10.7 I dont remember but if you installed the latest driver which included in the CD with it, it'll works with Mavericks. About the trackPad I've read befor on my desktop my PS2 mouse and keypoad don't work untill i unplug and replug the keypoad as an effect of kext convusing between mouse and touchpad, It's a long story to fix ended with failing so I decided to use external USB Mouse cuz it's easier
  4. Hi, I've installed Niresh Mavericks 10.9 on desktop many times befor and now i want to install it on my laptop Vaio f13 - i7 2nd generation - 8 GB ddr3 1333 ram - 1GB Nvidia GeForce GT 425M - 250 GB SSD samsung 840 evo - 320 GB HDD My laptop supports the Virtualization but didn't support AHCI I want to dualboot the laptop with windows 7 after many times of tests ( like 7 times ) to choose the correct cuztomaziation i failed in many things like: - Touch pad never worked in any test after the install complete ( but its working in the setup ) - Graphics looks so laggy specially in launcher ( I've choosed Nvidia drivier in the setup but if i didn't check it the screen will become dark after loading the system ) - I can't choose dualboot unless I boot from USB or the device will load windows 7 immediatly I've installed MultiBeast to install the touchpad drivier but still didn't work. what do you suggest me to do?
  5. Well the big problem is any usb mouse seems not working.
  6. Hi, I successfully installed Niresh Mavericks on sony vaio f13 laptop like this one: after the install completed, every thing is working fine except WLan, usb Mouse and Touchpad. " note the touchpad was working in the setup" sorry for bad English.