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  1. i already did this step.. and it didnt work this is my bios settings btw thx
  2. and how to select the pendrive as a boot options? i already did this in bios setup though, to choose the mavericks pendrive to boot with.. Thx btw
  3. it cant boot with cameleon too
  4. no... i cant reach that screen, it booting with windows 8 again, even i slect the penndrive to boot with.. and i have latest niresh 10.9 mavericks
  5. but when i tried to boot only with niresh pendrive, it cannot boot and go to win 8 splash screen again ( i already boot with pendrive in win 8 bios menu) oh did i should boot with uefi or legacy? is there anything i did wrong? thanks btw
  6. i have niresh mavericks downloaded and try to boot it with clover alongside windows 8 in my lenovo U310 (i5 3317U), and all i have is this error, i cant even go inside mavericks installation