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  1. Anyone have any clues? I tried booting with -v graphicsenabler=no npci=0x3000 and pciroot=1/0 and it won't work, all my bios settings are proper, i wouldn't be posting here for something that simple it just seems that every flag i try either does something and leads me to a different problem, or doesn't change anything
  2. They're both already set to that just double checked.
  3. anyone? i wanna get this to work but nothing seems to be working.
  4. After a bit of playing with it I get here, it then alternates between still waiting for root device, and FireWire GUID 000000000000000000000 is invalid!
  5. Stops at SMC successful initialized It just freezes there.
  6. I'll try that right now.
  7. Thatsnthe best picture I am able of taking at the moment hope it's readable.
  8. When I get home I will, i could read it but i agree it could be more clear apologies, was using my tablet to take the picture.
  9. Here are some useful boot flags idk if any will help but they might.
  10. Okay I've downloaded niresh 10.9.0 and I get into the boot loader and no matter what flags I use the boot fails. Here's a -v with me using just amd64 and -nossse3bit IMG size too large to upload Mobo: Asus m4n75td Processor: and phenom x4 955 8gb ddr3 ram Radeon 6770 It's just stuck there any help would be great thanks!