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  1. stuck while installing Yosemite

    Also wanted to inform you that during installation, was getting error --- disk2s2: 0x3o0 (UNDEFINED)...
  2. stuck while installing Yosemite

    I am facing the same issue and I have aready tried combinations of boot Flags (-v, PCIRootUID=0/1, -x, busratio=20 etc), However Installation stuck on the same screen which is told by anp.pdl. Last night I tried more than 17 times to install it but no luck... My Laptop is has Core i3 2310 @ 2.2GHz (2nd Generation), Intel HD3000 Graphics, 4GB RAM. I tried Clover with fake Grphics ID into graphics injector (I did successful installation of ML and mavericks using this method) but failed in Yosemite. Niresh Pelase Help!

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