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  1. Never managed to install

  2. Never managed to install

    I never managed to install any version of Hackintosh on my Notebook , someone could help me ?? My computer is a notebook with UEFI half , Intel Core i3 , 4 gb ram, video card Intel HD 3000. Please anyone help me ! : ? :
  3. System Hd Graphics, Core I3, 4Gb Ddr3,

    i will change my wireless network card
  4. System Hd Graphics, Core I3, 4Gb Ddr3,

    6200 AGN Wireless Works?
  5. System Hd Graphics, Core I3, 4Gb Ddr3,

    Deepak, Right now I'm on windows to download drivers wi fi, for here so I do not have wifi network cable, changing the subject, somebody down here just hit the car, sounded a characteristic noise mt of twisted iron.but then, thanks for the help dude al morals saved it, I'll help you guys in need al.following is the brother peaceI will download the drivers wi fi here, have some program that does it own the mac os?because I'm on windows 8 to have access.there is a intel centrino 6200 agn wireless card driver? thank you
  6. System Hd Graphics, Core I3, 4Gb Ddr3,

    What is the next step? System is working less wifi,and to load i need to put the bootflag from niresh teaches
  7. System Hd Graphics, Core I3, 4Gb Ddr3,

    Two years trying to install! Now installed sucessfully thanks all
  8. System Hd Graphics, Core I3, 4Gb Ddr3,

    This works! Tanks very much i love u!
  9. System Hd Graphics, Core I3, 4Gb Ddr3,

    Thanks i will reinstall again, tried the combination bootflags from niresh, but no sucess, systems reboots.
  10. System Hd Graphics, Core I3, 4Gb Ddr3,

    How do i backup my graphics kexts Niresh? Tanhks in advance. cheers
  11. System Hd Graphics, Core I3, 4Gb Ddr3,

    Good man,Well i have a notebook Toshiba Satellite ,Intel Ibex Peak-M HM55Intel Ironlake-MDualCore Intel Core i3 350MArrandale-3MIntel® Core i3 CPU M 350, this Works on hackintosh? help me pleasei tried several times to install, and is not working, his complete the installation, but after finish installhe don't boot. I used combinations of: -v -x graphicsenabler=yes or no, UsbBusFix=Yes,npci=0x3000, unluckymanaged to complete the installation of niresh, as the iATKOS, however by the time he asks to reboot the system never, ever managed to load the OS, it always stands in this screen that I am attaching.Sometimes he plays a sound, as if it had loaded the OS, a song of initialization of the system, but does not appear any graph, and therefore already lost all my data trying to update and install, however guys could give me a hand because I'm over 3 months trying unsuccessfully to install the same and would love to use it.Thanks and happy New Year
  12. Hackintosh Mavericks

    help to install
  13. Installed Ok But Dont Load System Os