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  1. Hey, Just finished installing osx yosemite on my amd a10-4600m laptop (efi enabled) with boot flags /amd and -v and the install went fine. However after the install, I get into clover and set the flags to /amd and -v and it reboots instantly, it doesn't even get to the part where it loads the mach kernel... How can I fix this?
  2. OSX Yosemite Niresh not booting on amd a10

    I got something when i tried to use chameleon instead of clover, it starts loading the kext and then just blacks out and turns off the last kext i can see loaded starts with "voodoo" i tried your commands and i get the same thing
  3. Hey guys, I just decided to try to install osx on my hp laptop again here are the specs: amd a10-4600m radeon 8670m radeon 7660g 8gb ram currently running windows 10 I tried booting the osx installer with clover but it hangs for 2 seconds at "Root device UUID=" if i plug my usb drive into a usb 2.0 port it will take 4 seconds before it reboots there is no errors at all on that screen! I tried booting with /amd /amd1 /amd2 /amd64 /amd32 /amdfx USBBusFix=Yes GraphicsEnabler=Yes/No -v -x -f -s and it just does the exact same thing, reboot at root device uuid does anyone know a solution? thank you very much
  4. no hpets found

    Ok, I got the system to boot normally now only things that don't work is wifi and graphics (for wifi luckly i have a android phone and paired it to my laptop using horndis and it's working like a charm) but i'm having issues with the graphics: the graphics are listed as 5mb and the os is really glitching out from the app launcher to safari and other apps that just have messed up graphics i have a radeon hd 8760m any way of getting it working?
  5. no hpets found

    Hi guys, I just installed osx mavericks on my AMD laptop using the niresh installer specs: AMD A10-4600M radeon HD 8670M 8gb RAM it installed fine and it booted up but i had to boot using -x -v -f to not get the no hpets found error. so after that i installed multi beast and installed the intelcpupowermanagement kext to try and boot it and I also used -x -v -f and the system boots I can do whatever I want but after 15 seconds I get a kernel panic saying no hpets found! can someone help me fix this or at least install the old kext from the usb drive because in single user mode I also only have 15 seconds and I don't type quick enough to fix it And also is the realtek semiconductor WI-FI compatible with it? thanks in advance
  6. <FIXED>Amd a10 Bootloader issues...

    @TehZear how did you get this to boot? i have the same specs except i have a radeon 8760M and I used GraphicsEnabler and amd64 and hp(i have a hp laptop) and it just instantly reboots EDIT: nvm I got the installer to boot nice to see it work on amd apu's fingers crossed that the installed OS boots as good as the installer

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