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  1. Req: Intel HD Graphics 2000 DevID=0102 Plzzzzzz!

    I tried, But clover can't do it as well, May i request you a DSDT? Plzz... i am just tired everybody on the forums saying hd 2000 not supported ....I know it isn't supported but i just requested a Full Resolution... Here is my DSDT....I extracted using DSDT in windows. DSDT.zip
  2. Req: Intel HD Graphics 2000 DevID=0102 Plzzzzzz!

    Can you explain how to do it? plz.. I am new to it! I am sharing some screenshots might help you understan the problem..... At this time i have deleted all intelhd and snb kexts....and i also used the clover options to fix dislpy and fix intel, inject ESD...
  3. Req: Intel HD Graphics 2000 DevID=0102 Plzzzzzz!

    I have installed Niresh 10.8.5. i have tried this guide but that was successful for who had DevID=0106. you can check on that page in comments people with DevID=0102 had no success!. I don't know does it need some device ID injection or what?. When ever i install these kext it stuck apple logo, and then i have to delete these kext back then i am able to get to the desktop. I also tested the replacement kext guide..and didn't worked.. I did't understood your first line, can explain a bit.. Thanks for the reply...
  4. Hi, I need a kext for Intel HD 2000 DevID=0102, I have followed many tutorials to get the full resolution but they all were successful on who had DevID=0106. but when i install them it stuck at apple logo...can any one please provide for DevID=0102......Plz I know i won't get QE/CI...Just a full resolution would be enough....