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  1. Graphics Card not compatible?

    @ what driver did you use for the hd4000?
  2. i messed around the Boot Timeout settings in the Wizard, I set Timeout to 0, and now i don't get the boot: prompt anymore at the start, Yosemite just boots up immediately what keys should i press to get the boot: again as I need to get into verbose mode THANKS
  3. Graphics Card not compatible?

    i have an intel HD graphics 4000 on my laptop all worked fine on 10.9, but on 10.10 i am having some problems anyone with interl hd4000 can tell me what options to do? thanks
  4. No battery recognition

    on installation i selected nothing related to battery then installed voodoobattery as in the instructions in my first post here
  5. No battery recognition

    exactly. first few tries did not work with voodoobattery i had to restart from scratch, & voodoobattery.kext worked 100% perfect
  6. No battery recognition

    always restarting from scratch, checking and unchecking various options at install time. then installing kexts and rebuilding caches
  7. No battery recognition

    unfortunately you have to do it by trial and error try not installing any battery at install time, and then install voodoobattery took me quite some time to get it to work on my ultrabook, but it works fine
  8. No battery recognition

    I think VoodooBattery is the only solution out there
  9. No battery recognition

    remove /System/Library/Extensions/AppleSmartBatteryManager.kext Install VoodooBattery.kext and AppleACPIPlatform.kext to /System/Library/Extensions you may want to rebuild the kernel cache to avoid issues
  10. Intel Ultrabook... it WORKS!

    this is the 3rd 10.9 hackintosh i did! Niresh is amazing! i don't know if sleep/wake can be made to work automatically when the laptop cover is closed/opened its not that important but would be great!
  11. Intel Ultrabook... it WORKS!

    NullEthernet works perfectly, i just had to install it manually, step by step appstore now works
  12. Intel Ultrabook... it WORKS!

    voodoobattery now works perfectly. i just had to delete /System/Library/Extensions/AppleSmartBatteryManager.kext
  13. depending on what mobo you have the option might be under CHIPSET, BRIDGE config and set Primary Gfx adapter
  14. switch off intel hd from bios
  15. lenovo yoga 11s

    also.... my ultrabook has a touchscreen is there any remote possibility to have this working on osx?