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  1. Hackintosh after 10.12.05 Update (Intel/NVIDIA) I had some problems after the update so I tell you how to solve the issues: Black Screen (no signal): There is a problem with the Nvidia Web Driver. First try to boot without the nvidia driver. Just go to Options > GPU Injection and remove the tick from Nvidia Web Driver and boot. Uninstall the Web Driver -reboot- and Install the new Version 378.15.10.05f01 If you still get a black screen boot a live cd or windows and remove the NVDA.... Folders from System/Library/Extensions and try again to boot. Uninstall the Web Driver -reboot- and Install the new Version 378.15.10.05f01 (If you open the nvidia driver manager to uninstall the driver NVIDIA asked me to install an update - ignore that and uninstall the driver, because the update wont work) Error 8 / Volume could not be verified completely / fsck_hfs errors / Invalid node structure: Boot from sierra installation usb and try to repair with disk utility - reboot -> If that does not work reboot and boot again from sierra installation usb > open terminal > /sbin/fsck_hfs -yprd /dev/disk0s0 (replace 0 with the right number - you can find it in the disk utility) - > the process takes 5-10min
  2. apple logo stuck in loading :(

    You could try another bootlader.
  3. [Working] mITX Build - OSX 10.9.2 - OOB Mainboard: Gigabyte H87-WIFI (BIOS F5) GPU: Gigabyte GTX 770 Windforce 3X RAM: G.Skill Ripjaws X 8GB 1866 WIFI: Atheros AR9280 AR5BHB92 CPU: Intel Xeon E3-1230 v3 Installation: Nothing had to be done. You don't need to change the BIOS. Everything works, even if VT-X, fast boot or something is enabled. Customization: - Boot-Loader: Clover UEFI - Graphics: GraphicsEnabler = YES - Install Audio Drivers (Kexts): no - Install Network Drivers (Kexts): yes - FakeSMC and Plugins: ALL - Boot-Loader Flags: NONE (uncheck everything and activate clover uefi again) - Chipset Drivers (Kexts): change nothing - Laptop Drivers (Kexts): change nothing - other optimizations: change nothing More: VoodooHDA does NOT work. Use the standard Apple drivers. Intel Wireless-N 2230 does NOT work. System Info: Kexts: