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  1. Hi new one Installed Mavericks boots up fine but as soon as i create a account i get a system uptime in nanoseconds error UPDATE: I have managed to finish registration but using -x at boot... UPDATE: managed to get Mavericks to boot in 1080p but its not in 1080p also unable to get netowrking using my usb tp link dongle TL-WN823N Please help i5 3570k GTX660 10GB RAM MSI Z77A G43
  2. Stuck after installing Niresh OSX 10.8.2

    Cheers Aman im trying OSX mavericks now turns out 10.8.2 didnt support the 660 according to 7 forums and mavericks apparently work out the box and ill look for the move graphics option when i install mavericks plus i disable the iGPU that comes with the CPU so should be ok (he says in extreme hope)
  3. Stuck after installing Niresh OSX 10.8.2

    Any one know how to back up the graphics extensions, and some research said that the nVIDIA 660 isnt compatable with OSX ML but is mavericks compatible???
  4. Stuck after installing Niresh OSX 10.8.2

    And i cant find the backup graphics extensions in the menu 10.8.2 ML there is a option for move graphics extensions but do i tick nvidia or intel i want to use my nvidia 660 and not the iGPU on the i5
  5. Stuck after installing Niresh OSX 10.8.2

    im using a GTX 660 SC and a MSI Z77A G43 is there anything else i need in the customise window?
  6. Niresh 10.8.2 ML i managed to install it succesfully once but without my GTX660 tried a kext from multibeast for 1080p resolution but it rewind everything tried reinstall again but now im stuck on apple logo after reinstall funny thing is i can hear the lauch music included...
  7. Please can someone with good knowledge help me install OSX niresh please add me on skype : blue_xanatos i have a i5 3570k gtx660 10gb ram 320gb hdd for OSX to install Been trying to install niresh for 1 year now never manage to get past boot after a install :/ Thanks Luke
  8. Hi im stuck on this string there were a few errors on boot but the boot process continued... Something to do with a Bluetooth HCI controller... Thanks Blue