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  1. hi there, I am using sony vaio vpcf12m1e, i5 520m nvidia gt 330m I am having same problem is there any way I can try to fix this?
  2. Hello I have a gt330m vga with nvidia kext when i m try to boot my pc goes to black screen. but if i m delete nvd* (all nvidia kext) kext my pc is work but not with all graphic support. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lFMYYdJdBrE I have been try with GraphicsEnabler=Yes/No PCIRootUID=1/0 -v etc. flags but still same problem. When My pc boot I can see its recognize my vga When my pc open I can see my card on system information
  3. Hello I have sony vaio vpcf12m1e I'm installed maverick with i hack but I have 2 problem. when I'm click "About this mac" option from apple menu my system going to logoff. how can I solve this. and second I have NVidia GT 330M VGA Card if I am not delete NVidia kext my pc won't open goes to black screen. does anyone have any idea for help me thank you all have a nice day. My pc Sony Vaio VPC-F12M1E CORE I5- 520M 2400 MHz / 500 Go / 4016 Mo / NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M (1024 Mo)