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  1. Cant install OS X 10.8.5

    tried both but with amdfx is blackscreen and with savemode i stuck at the same place i tried installing 1.9 with amd64 -v and now i am at thw welcome page to select the conty but my mouse is jumping from one random place to another so i can´t klick next -.- and with the keyboard i can select the country but can´t go on to the next page -.-
  2. Mouse in buggy

    wehn i move the mouse, the curser is jumping from on random place to another. I stated the iso with this flags: -v cpus=1 USBBUSFix=Yes I realy need help I am stuck in the Wlcome screen and cant select my country to go on because my mouse is so buggy :/
  3. hey Guys i need your help, when i start my niresh OS X 10.8.5 iso there is this screen (attched) I have installed OS X 10.8.2 without problems. Why can´t i install 10.8.5? (in VMware) System: CPU: AMD FX4170 Graphics: Radeon HD 7850 RAM: 8 GB DDR3 Motherboard: ASUS M5A 78L-M LX V2