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  1. Installation of Niresh Mac OS X Mavericks

    Try boot with this flags amd -v -x
  2. Installation problem - no HDD listed

    Hi guys. I need help from you. I am trying to install 10.9 to my desktop PC. I can boot up from USB and I can get into Disk utility too. But - I wanna format HDD partition to MacOS drive, but no one HDD will show to me. Only my USB stick. Any help? :-( (srry for bad english)
  3. Install On Acer Notebook ?

    Try install it on EeePC with -atom -v flags. About the Acer notebook.. Try cpus=1 and -x flags
  4. Install success but cant boot into mavericks

    Boot with -x -v
  5. Can't Install Maverick On Hp 6555B With Amd Processor

    Try this line : amd -v -x GraphicsEnabler=Yes
  6. i'm going insane, please help :(

    Have you got aby things on your HDD where you want to install OSX? If not, you can try the HiREN Boot CD Utility. It is a *.iso, so you must burn it on blank CD. Next you can boot up an Mini Windows XP from CD and you can use the LOW disk formatter on your HDD and your USB too
  7. i'm going insane, please help :(

    Try boot line fx.: -v -x cpus=1 etc. Otherwise.. Try partition the HDD again. Try again format your pendrive, try again download *.dmg of system and try again restore the DMG to USB than install. (sry for bad english and for too much using try again )
  8. (KEXT) Intel HD4500M - it is exist?

    Hello there. I want to ask.. I had installed OSX 10.9 to my ASUS notebook, but I have the Intel HD4500M graphics. Is exist any kext on this version of GPU? Thanks a lot (sry for bad english)
  9. Some Mavericks Problem

    Hello guys. I have already installed new Mavericks 10.9 and I have some problems with it. 1. Wi-Fi problem I had a problem with Wi-Fi. Driver can't be found. Solution : I had install a driver for my Atheros 9285 card (IO80211Family.kext) 2. Battery problem Mac can't find my notebook battery. Look at the picture at link below. 3. Video problem When I want to watch any video (fx. on YouTube), the picture not look so smooth. Look at the video below. Any solution or some help? Sry for bad english (I am from Slovakia) My notebook specification : ASUS P50IJ Intel Celeron 2.0GHz dualcore Intel GMA HD4500M 2GB RAM DDR2 Atheros AR9285
  10. System Halted! Help!

    Did you try legendary -v -x flags?
  11. Where Is Guide For Mountain Lion Osx 10.5 Intel Amd Usb

    USB guide already not exist
  12. Hackintosh Mavericks

    Very good job Niresh ) thank you so much!!!
  13. Rebooting During Boot Install Cd

    Hello there. I have got a problem. I am trying to install the Niresh Mountain Lion 10.8.2. I can get only into bootloader (when I select boot media (CD/USB), the PC go to restart, or it get kernel panic). My PC configuration : CPU : AMD Athlon II X4 750K Black (4x4,0GHz turbo) RAM : 8GB DDR3 VGA : ATI Radeon HD4850 512MB MB : Gigabyte F2A55M-DS2 Any help or solution? (sry for my bad english, I am from Slovakia )