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  1. Hi there. So i've recently succeeded in installing osx 10.9.0 and even updated through 10.9.2 with niresh's software. Great job and thanks very much. Sadly i've had no success with bootloader installation, largely due to non-standard uefi bios. before I continue i'll note i'm running a custom build i made myself recently and specs follow: mobo: asus sabertooth 990fx r2.0 (runs ami uefi bios, can run chameleon with csm + disabled secure boot) proc: amd fx-8350 8-core 4.0GHz Graphics: saphire vapor-x amd radeon R9 280x OC 3GB GDDR5 running the install works using: amdfx arch=x86_64 ncpi=0x2000 GraphicsEnabler=YES -v Moving onto the problem: post install, clover (in uefi mode) cannot boot my install. However it'll boot just fine with chameleon as exists from the installer and as is installed through the installer. But interestingly not chimera I run 1 ssd and 2 HDDs, it was my hope i could run clover on the ssd in uefi mode to boot win 8.1 or mavricks and keep my bootloaders purely uefi based. (since win 8.1 boots in 8 seconds :D) To acheive this, i've tried installing clover on the same disk as the osx installation to begin with, having used the installer first and then mounting and whiping the efi partition and installing the latest clover release on sourceforge. The problem is that while loading (writing '.' to the screen, clover hangs after a couple '.'s and will not load, this is the same even in safe mode. Having read up on the subject i believe this may be a power management issue since PM is misshandled by the UEFI on my motherboard. I attempted to patch my uefi using the PM patching tool on insanely mac but to no success since the stock bios is not recognised by the tool. Finally, my question is, is the asus, non-standard uefi the issue here? If it is, should i patch it? If so how may i patch it? (stock bios found in .CAP files here leads to stock bios v2301found here: i appreciate your taking the time to read my post and will make all effort to provide any further detail as necessary, Thanks edit. do i need some .efi drivers for boot time that i'm missing perhaps for my graphics card?