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  1. here it is... thank you!
  2. yes...but how?? :/ I don't have the required skills I guess...
  3. I already have a custom DSDT...but the weird thing is that I have full QE/CI but the resolution is kinda strange, scrambled and the laptop monitor is not even detected...I don't know what to do...I'd need someone more expert. If anybody more expert would like to help me please send me PM. I don't know anything about kext patching. Regards!
  4. I tried many ig-platform but only 01660003 makes VGA works...and not properly there any other solution?? maybe a frame buffer patch to apply?
  5. I use Clover Bootloader. With Inject EDID, a custom EDID and the ig-platform=1660003 I managed to make VGA working but the internal monitor is not detected and the external monitor resolution is strange because the image is trembling. Could you help me?
  6. Ok…I made it and I received gray screen! :/ I need to add more information I guess. I own a laptop (ASUS N56VZ) with Intel HD4000 and Nvidia GT650M (disabled via DSDT). My system runs perfectly on both ML and Mavericks. But on ML I managed to make VGA port working modifying the AppleIntelFramebufferCapri.kext and it works perfectly. I use Clover boot loader and my system is fully optimized (only Nvidia GT650M doesn't work). On Mavericks I made several tries but nothing worked! So I can't use an external monitor (that is fundamental for me) on Mavericks (HDMI is connected to Nvidia Only) and it prevents me to upgrade. Could you help me?? BTW I don't know if anybody could help, but I managed to modify the BIOS of my laptop and bypass the Nvidia Optimus engine to make just GT650M works but I can't make it work on OSX (only windows and only HDMI (no Laptop monitor)). Thanks in advance. Regards.
  7. You found a volunteer!! Unfortunately I wasn't able to make it work on my own but I can test it if you have any suggestions.