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  1. I'm trying to Install Niresh 10.9 Mavericks onto my Intel-based PC. I've successfully created a USB boot device and can even boot from it but when I get to the page where "Welcome" shows up (and I have to select my language), my mouse and keyboard do not work, leaving me unable to continue. I have tried multiple keyboards and mice (Dell and Microsoft) and have even tried ALL USB 2.0 ports, but with no luck. The mouse pointer stays on the top-left corner. There's nothing wrong with the USB drive or the DMG because while I cannot use the KB and mouse, the message "Welcome" scrolls past my screen (in different languages, I presume). I have searched and someone mentioned turning off injection in Clover, but I have absolutely no idea what that means. Also, I've enabled Legacy Support for USB in the BIOS of my Intel DH55TC Motherboard (otherwise my USB stick wouldn't be discovered) What am I missing? And if you know of a solution, please give a little detail.. Thanks