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  1. try to use the normal amd kernel if exist and deactivate the onboard graphic in the bios
  2. yes in windows but not in osx
  3. hello, i want to run Photoshop CS6 on my system but i can't... they say (at Terminal) it's run only on intel can i get somewhere a patch?
  5. Yes omg it works THANKS!!!
  6. i know this topic you have only copy it and i had installed the kexts from there
  7. Hello, suddenly the mavericks installation was successful but now a had problems with the driver for my HD 7850 in the system Information, graphics it say they have no kext loaded but i have this kexts: https://www.hackintosh.zone/file/66-amd-radeon-hd-7xxx/ installed with the kext wizard and i have also repair the permissions
  8. you must disconnect all usb devices without mouse and keyboard
  9. I can it install directy in vmware there is an intel cpu
  10. I had niresh 10.8.2 in vmware installed then i have restore an usb stick with the niresh 10.8.2 iso, the bootloader from the mac guide installed and copy an amdfx kernel to the stick
  11. Hello,Recently i get a freeze afterboot0: GPTboot0: testboot0: testboot0: donebad english i know, sorry
  12. in 10.8.2 isnt an amdfx kernel try to download an amdfx kernel, restore the image to an usb stick, copy the kernel and boot with the kernel name Sorry for bad english ^^
  13. can this be right? http://prntscr.com/2fodpt http://prntscr.com/2fodkw