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  1. This forum seems pretty dead. Anyway - I've found the which looks to be promising. Will post my results (and the app if it fixes my problem) later.
  2. @Eloquenz I understand this is a really late reply (sorry, I went offline for a while) - but I just took another look at your post. It looks like your driver isn't working as you're having too boot into safe mode (-x), so that's why it's laggy as safe mode probably isn't running that driver. Try this:
  3. Hi guys, I'm running Mavericks on my AMD system, but for some reason every now and then the system completely locks up and I have to hard shutdown and boot back in. I can't see a pattern yet, and I don't really know where to look for logs. If someone could tell me where to find a log that may be useful that'd be great - or any other advice would be great, too. I'm running the following setup: Motherboard: ASUS M5A99X EVO Graphics cards: ASUS NVidia GTX 560 TI (x2) Processor: AMD Phenom II x4 955 @ 3,2GHz RAM: 14GB HyperX 1333MHz Everything looks to be working out the box so far. LAN works out the box, graphics appear to also work out the box - but I'm wondering if the graphics could be the cause of the problem? I have Facebook on in the background, and that sometimes uses Flash to play the videos in the newsfeed, so wondered whether it was stressing one/both of my graphics cards. Any help is appreciated. Let me know if you need more information - as I say, I don't know where to find any logs just yet, but if someone could help with that I'll post it here (and look at it myself)
  4. @Eloquenz Not sure off hand. It's late now so I'll do some digging for you tomorrow.
  5. @RandomnessThatsFunny Hmm, that first line is saying EFI not supported. You sure EFI is disabled for that virtual machine?
  6. @Austin J Hinkel Sata mode is also set to AHCI? Is the USB set as the first boot device in your bios, or are you selecting the USB from the boot menu? I have no idea why this has any effect but I had the same problem just minutes ago,mc hanged the default boot order in my bios and it booted.
  7. @Austin J Hinkel Try usbit mate.
  8. @RandomnessThatsFunny Just realised you have an AMDFX processor, try using amdfx on boot instead of amd64
  9. Remove your USB. Go into your bios settings and make sure the hard drive with OS X installed is the first boot device. Restart again and enter -v as a boot flag. Post your output here. If you still can't boot without the USB in, I expect there's a problem with the boot loader (also make sure sata is set to ahci in your bios).
  10. @RandomnessThatsFunny Go into the settings of the virtual machine and uncheck 'Enable EFI'
  11. @Austin J Hinkel WHY ARE YOU SHOUTING? Have you got Legacy USB enabled? It could also be the way you setup your USB. What software did you use?
  12. @Eloquenz Have you tried the GraphicsEnabler=Yes boot flag?
  13. @Eloquenz I'm running an ASUS M5A99X EVO. I can't see it being the motherboard.
  14. Have you tried the above? Edit - also make sure you add the amd64 kernel boot flag