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  1. AMD HD8670m Kext?

    Does anyone know how to: a) Modify an existing kext Have a kext To get an AMD 8670m working? I got one cpu and noooo graphics.... so my idle is about 20% and not only would you be doing me a favor, but the community at large. Thanks in advance guys
  2. I HAVE BREAKING NEWS FOR LAPTOP USERS!! I have managed to get Niresh 10.9 working on an AMD Laptop. Its a AMD A10 5750m with a discrete 8670M. Using any and almost all flags would get to the installer, but fail at the part when it comes time to setup a partition. I have it installed and doing file permissions **RIGHT NOW** I'm literally afraid to touch it. I used: amd64 -v -f cpus=1 I had forgot this flag existed and then thought about how glitchy the graphics were. When I used the flag using some other kernel, I saw the `cpus=1` flag and decided "What else wouldn't work". The boot came up and the graphics were not glitchy or anything, came time to install and it failed due to corrupt USB maker, so i reverted BACK to the original Niresh 10.9 disc I burnt and used those flags to complete the install. Also, after install, I must boot with cpus=1 Maybe this can help someone who is working on the kernel for AMDs users. I don't understand what is causing the problem and why mutlithreading must be disable??... Happy Hackintoshing.