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  1. intel hd 4600 graphics system information shows no kext load stuck in 1024 *768 resolution. iam using onboard graphics and also VRAM total=64mb system shared .......... how to solve this problem h how to inrease vram and how to increase screen resolution.... iam installed 8gb ram CPU i7 in bios allocated 512mb for video memory me how to Enable full intel hd 4600 graphics capability......
  2. my system running win7 to install marvericks already installed windows 7 or any other os .. my qn is....OSX marvericks need empty hardisk...? im newbie help me pls
  3. osx marvericks hackintosh help

    thanks niresh
  4. is niresh mac os marvericks support gigabyte ga-z87-d3hp board without any graphics card....i7 is cpu ,10gb ram niresh osx marvericks need graphics card...? help me