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  1. undefined error 0

    i need help installing yosemite on netbook 1201n
  2. 10.10 9800GT Kernel Panic after install

    i get the same error my friend on my netbook = d260 gma 3150
  3. i get this error at 2mins Installer Log 22-Apr-2015.txt
  4. my specs = asus maximus vi gene lga 1150 cpu es = engineering sample rip jaws rams = 8gb
  5. Intel GMA 3150 kext = yosemite

    i need a kext for gma 3150 plz
  6. i need help installing niresh yosemite on a gma 3150 atom n450 cpu
  7. acer aspire d260

    i really need help installing niresh yosemite, i get installation failed at 2 mins, my rams are 2gb evn though the requirements are 4gb
  8. Stuck when I'm booting to the USB drive

    i have the same issue = stuck on the hackintosh zone logo, i hve a asus maximus vi gene lga 1150 cpu es = engineering sample
  9. Successful Installation Yosemite 10.10.1

    yea i hve a haswell cpu es = engineering sample but it gives me a black screen i dont see the long bar on the bottom
  10. Successful Installation Yosemite 10.10.1

    does it work on intel es cpu = engineering sample
  11. acer aspire d260

    im trying 2 install niresh 10.10.1 distro but i get "installation failed" error at 2mins plz help
  12. help

    so wat i cn do should i format the usb as mbr or guid
  13. help

    if i use clover i get this error = root device uuid is xxxx
  14. help

    the link u provide me doesnt exist
  15. help

    ah ok my bios right now is a 1603, i update frm 0804 to 1301 to 1603 = current but it still gives me a black screen