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  1. So can someone tell me how to enable GT 610M on my laptop. i'm using clover with UEFI and running Maverick 10.9.4 now
  2. i have problem with my maverick 10.9.3 when i plugin or unplug power adapter system is freezing and i must force restart using power button i am using clover bootloader with UEFI mode
  3. hello everyone, after succes installing maverick 10.9 and setup intel hd i cant get qe/ci in my intelhd3000 (Dev ID 0116) i installing hackintosh on asus a43sd laptop
  4. @niesh can you make video tutorial from this https://www.hackintosh.zone/apple/articles/how-to/how-to-dual-boot-clover-with-windows81-r42/ it can help us to make dualboot easily. thanks
  5. okay. so give me step how to install clover on this partition btw there is no nvidia driver for 10.9.0?
  6. how about dualboot? after i installing Maverick i can't mount /Volume/EFI partition when i try booting from clover it just showing kernel panic
  7. Hello everyone. I am newbie abaout this so i have some question: 1. How exactly step about dualboot windows 8.1 and maverick 10.9 using clover bootloader. I have some problem with tutorial in this forum 2. How to enable nVidia GT 610M? 3. Anyone Using ASUS a43sd laptop in here. Please teach me until my laptop can running dualboot Sorry for bad english