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  1. Stuck at blackscreen , pre-installation on AMD A6 APU

    Someone please help!
  2. I recently purchased this laptop (Toshiba Satellive C-50-A) , with AMD A6 APU and AMD Raedon 8400. As I try to book from the USB , after entering flags(amd64 -x graphicsenabler=no -v) , I get stuck on a black screen , and nothing happens, I waited for 1/2 hour.When I use amd /amdfx flags , I get kernel panic , with something like efi error. From BIOS , i have made following changes: Changed to CSM , from UEFI. enabled AHCI . I can't find other advance options in my BIOS.(It's probably locked) I am using Niresh 10.9 Please guide me how to reach till installation. I also tried these flags(cpus=1 , with no help)