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  1. Problem installing Sierra Zone on Aspire 6930g Hi to all, i tried to install Sierra Zone in my notebook Acer aspire 6930g (intel core 2 duo t5800, nvidia 9800gs, 4gb ram, ssd 250gb) I Boot from pendrive, but after some second it reboot itself, so i tried to boot with -x flag and it boot, but it stopped at: appleps2controller:timed out on keyboard input stream. I tried with external keyboard, or with PciRootUID=1, graphichesabler=yes, npci=0x2000,3000, -f but nothing appened. Is there a flag for bypass the appleps2controller:timed out on keyboard input stream problem. Thanks to all. p.s. Sorry for my english, i'm italian.
  2. Mavericks on dell inspiron 17r 5737

    Which kext i should install for my dell 17r 5737 with i7 4500u , intel hd4400 and amd radeon hd8870? i m new to hackintosh Sorry for my english, i m italian!