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  1. Installation Problem (USB not recognized)

    Spacebar worked. Thanks!
  2. Installation Problem (USB not recognized)

    Hey. I just signed up and am pretty new to this Hackintosh thing. I followed the guide over at macbreaker to install mavericks os x on my laptop ( I created the usb in windows using the Win32 Disk Imager and used the Niresh OSX-Mavericks.dmg torrent from ( System: Dell Inspiron 3521 Core i3-3217u 1.8ghz 4gb Ram Dual boot Ubuntu & Windows 8.1 Problem: I cannot boot from the USB. Its not even recognized in my boot options. Could these be because i have a dual boot system set up? Im planning on triple booting all three or will that cause problems? Thanks and i hope to hear help! EDIT: I found the solution. I had to enable Legacy Boot in my bios and can now boot from usb. I now have a different problem. I get these images and cant do anything?