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  1. I have a perfectly working build with the following specs: Asus P6TD Deluxe Mobo Xeon X6570 2.93Ghz 6 Core CPU Asus Direct II CU GTX 760 OC 2 x 750GB Hard drives 12GB DDR3 1600Mhz Triple Channel RAM Here's how: Install Windows 8.1 on first hard drive. Load Niresh USB Begin installer, boot flags -v -x USBLegacyOff=Yes After installation delete kext AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext Boot with PCIRootUID=1 Updated to OSX 10.9.2 no problems boots perfect, at boot menu to boot into Windows 8.1 select 'System Reserved' partition.
  2. Niresh not booting after installation, fatalSMC

    Hey guys just an update everything is working perfect. First I deleted appleintelcpupowermanagent.kext Then I booted with PCIRootUID=1 And now it's all good But I can't get wifi to work I'm using DWA 525 PCI card
  3. Niresh not booting after installation, fatalSMC

    Hey guys, just a quick update, I selected the Rollback ACPI, and I also unchecked the HWSensor, it almost worked and then at the last stage I got this.
  4. Niresh not booting after installation, fatalSMC

    Hey thanks for the reply, I don't actually recall what was checked as I just left the default options selected. Should I reinstall and try without it? or is there a faster way to check?
  5. Hey guys to begin I'm going to run you through my build: ASUS P6TD - Deluxe Mobo Intel Xeon x5670 2.93 GHz 12GB DDR3 RAM in Triple Channel ASUS GTX 760 OC Edition 2x 750GB Hard Drives, One has Windows 8 the other OSX Mavericks. To begin I had a bunch of issues in installation but they were fixed using some boot commands. But now I cannot seem to boot regardless of what commands I use, here is a few screenshots of what I get now. I've researched around a bit and found that my motherboard is infact supported and there is some sort of FatalSMC kext editing I can do, but as of now that is beyond my knowledge and I have no idea where to even begin if I needed to edit that file, which is why I am open to any suggestions. Thanks for the help guys! Regards, Yousif