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  1. Don't go mental on the flags. Start simple. Especially with this distro, it's very advanced. Make sure you've got the image on a USB and BIOS set up correctly. Then, go for the following; amd -v If that's causing issues; amd -v -x What happens when you do that?
  2. Chameleon help. Maverick 10.9

    What about bitting with the USB and then choosing the OSX partition from there? Also, first boot with -v and -x. If that gets into Maverick just leave it for 15 minutes on the desktop for Nireshs final optimisation.
  3. What is the size of your Mac partition? Anything over 1TB is going to be a problem. Make it 300 GB, you can always access the Windows portion in finder.
  4. Failing During Install

    Thanks both. I put the HDD into the PC and it installed perfectly. It's up and running now. I do have an issue with having to boot with USB stick in now, but I'll spend some time with that. Thanks for the quick reply. The machine is Acer 5551 with AMD Athlon II.
  5. Failing During Install

    Hi. I am not new to Hackintosh installs, but this one has got my beat. I can boot to the install section. I've formatted journaled and also ran a repair on the HDD. When it gets to 22 minutes left it fails. I am installing on AMD Acer. I have previously got Snow Leo working, but not Mavericks. Two things. 1) Does selecting different install options actually stop it installing or it just won't work when it has installed? 2) I'm using a HDD plugged in via USB as the target. Is it best to have it plugged into the SATA? Any help would be welcome. Thanks.