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  1. wi-fi & Ethernet problem with RTL8187 chipset

    ok i have problem to upload but i see for the network controller havve the SiS 191 gigabit ethernet
  2. Hello i install the Mavericks in a laptop with clevo motherboard model " M7XSUN " but i have the same problems with wifi and ethernet the chipset for wifi for this motherboard is the RTL8187 i try all the kext but nothing. One more problem but maybe to put in other topic is to have problem with restart and sleep mode for example: The first time to put the "All in One Ethernet Solution" the pc asked me to restart after install i press yes and after the display is closed but the pc not starting im waiting for 10' but nothing i closed from button and i start again but i think the drivers for wifi&ethernet does not installed. Today i try to install the "RealtekRTL81xx-0_0_90" but think first maybe to fix the restart & sleep problem and after to fix the wifi & ethernet Any opinion?