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  1. Hackintosh Freezes At Apple Screen Tried 3 Pc's

    i am using 10.8.5 iso version, but my computer also freeze at white screen with apple logo. Please help me Niresh.....
  2. Need Help Niresh!

    Ok sir when i Insert my Niresh 10.8.5 dvd and boot into darwins then my pc stuck at applo logo and nothing happen. What can i do???? im noob and dont know anything.
  3. Need Help Niresh!

    Thanks for the reply. Can you see the image and please tell me cani install mac os x on my system or not. i'vr search on the internet but coudnt find anything...
  4. Need Help Niresh!

    help me please......
  5. Need Help Niresh!

    Hello Niresh, i am big fan of apple Mac os X. previosly i try to install Snow leopard with your guide but coudn't get succes. can you tell me the way that can i install mac on my amd pc or not?? my motherboard is Hp. im big fan of apple but dont have money to buy mac. Please tell me any way to install mac on my computer. i have attached my cpuz screenshot i hope it will help.