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  1. [Working] AMD FX8320 - Radeon HD7770 Ghz Edition -MSI 990XA-GD55

    i answered your PM already. but as for forum netiquette, i used Niresh mavericks distro and no additional kext aside of updated VoodooHDA
  2. Get iCloud, App Store and iMessage working on Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks!

    mediafire file was taken down.
  3. im following that guide but so far i havent find a framebuffer compatible with this hardware. maybe i screwed up the installation
  4. update: using IGPEnabler, moving intel kext and Clover Bootloader i succeded on installing, but appears i have not QE/CI
  5. i having the same issue. If i select IGPEnabler, i dont get the scramble issue but i get no video at all. Hardware is a Dell Inspiron 14 (N4030) Intel Core i3 i3-370M Intel HD Graphics 1000 (actually the name is just Intel HD Graphics, by date it predates HD 2000, internal name as show on linux is Ironlake) this is what i just tried..its installing atm
  6. [Working] AMD FX8320 - Radeon HD7770 Ghz Edition -MSI 990XA-GD55

    nevermind about the Audio loud and clear.
  7. Well i managed to successfully install my first hackintosh, on my AMD machine and I'm quite surprised about it. everything works flawlessly. i get the Radeon to work using GraphicsEnabler=No. and everything is working just fine. except for the Audio which i have no clue how to make it work properly. its chipset is, according to the manual, a Realtek ALC892. so I'm not sure what steps i have to follow to make it fully functional. aside of that its amazingly fast and responsive. kudos to Niresh for this amazing release.

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